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当ウェブサイト、及び当ウェブサイト内に掲載されている著作物(絵画・文書・写真などすべての提供形態)は、すべて天野 月に帰属します。その一部、またはすべてに対し、著作者の許可なく、「私的目的」を含んだすべての使用を禁止致します。すべての著作権は、著作者である天野 月が所有しており、著作権者あるいは肖像権者の許諾を得ない著作物の複製、転載、改変、頒布などの行為は著作権法により罰せられます。

About Copyright

The contents (all works this web-site in any forms such as pictures,documents and articles, photographs) which is published inside on this web sight, and this web sight-itself reverts in all Tsuki Amano.The part and all of that, or vis-a-vis, without permission of the Copy Right Owner entirely, all uses which include “the duplication for the purpose of provate using” are prohibited.All of copyright has reserved by Tsuki Amano who is the writer of all contents. Without permission of Tsuki Amano who the right-owner of the literary properties or the portrait rights, behavior such as "duplication" and "quatation" included duplication, reprint, alteration and distribution of the works will been punished and penalized by the Japanese Copyright Law.